National Ice Cream Day! 

My Silly Little Gang is a huge fan of ice cream! We eat it year round. We love all different types of flavors and toppings.  So of course we will be having ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! 

While one certainly does not need an excuse to eat ice cream, National Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 17th, and it’s a day worth celebrating! Instead of your classic cone with sprinkles, why not honor the holiday with unique toppings? Gaea is bringing a whole new element to ice cream toppings this summer, one that is savory and delicious, with Gaea Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Gaea Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fruity and versatile, making it the perfect topping for a sweet and savory treat. Obtained directly from handpicked renowned “Koroneiki” variety olives, this cold extracted superior category olive oil carries a harmonious taste with a fruity aroma to give your ice cream a unique taste.

Try it yourself! Simply drizzle Gaea’s extra-virgin olive oil over your favorite vanilla ice cream, and finish with a sprinkle of sea salt. Enjoy!

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