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circut maze review

Circut Maze by ThinkFun Review


My boys and I love ThinkFun Games! We have had the chance to review several ThinkFun Games and have loved every single one. You can check out our reviews here. This time we got to try out Circut Maze. This is a game where you use logic and have tons of fun!

Just like many of ThinkFun’s logic games Circut Maze is played on a grid. It comes with 60 Challenge Cards that range in difficulty from easy all the way to expert. The goal is to place tokens on the grid, according to challenge card criteria and create a working circuit. We loved that the game came with three light beacons (red, green and yellow) that will light up if the circut is done correctly.

circut maze

We loved this game because it is easy to learn and challenging to master. This game is perfect for our family because the boys and us like to play it. This game requires no setup and it’s super easy to clean up. The game requires no setup and cleans up in seconds. This game is great for all ages, even my 5 year old loves to play with it.

Get Circut Maze on the ThinkFun Website and on Amazon.

Product Description

Circuit Maze
Electric Current Logic Game
Ignite your logic and sequential reasoning skills with Circuit Maze! Your goal is to arrange the tokens to create a real circuit that lights up the different colored Beacons. These clever circuit-building puzzles provide a boost of brainpower and a wonderful introduction to electrical engineering. With 60 challenges ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, this logic game will provide engineers of all levels with hours of electrifying fun.

Ages: 8 to Adult
Players: Single Player

  • 1 Game Grid
    60 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert
    21 Game Tokens (1 Two-Part Power Source, 3 LED Beacons, 2 Straights, 2 Bridges, 2 Double Corners, 2 T-Shapes, 5 Corners, 1 Switch and 3 Blockers)

MSRP: $29.99


  1. Margot C

    I have never heard of this toy. My science oriented niece would love it.

  2. Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like so much fun. I love that it is easy to learn but yet is a challenge. Thank you so much for sharing this great game.


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