Vitamin D3 Oral Spray Review #FortiVitum

Vitamin D oral spray

Vitamin D (D3) Supplement Extra Strength Liquid Oral Spray 4000 IU


I have many health like, depression, asthma, and anemia. But one health issue that I have which really causes issues is that my body does not absorb vitamins and minerals like it’s supposed to. Year round I have to take B12 shots, iron infusions and Vitamin D pills. Honestly between the pill for my high blood pressure, the anemia, the depression and Vitamin D I take a lot of pills! I don’t like taking pills, so when I was asked to review this Vitamin D oral spray from Fortivitum I was thrilled. First thing I did was ask my Dr. if she thought this would be a good match for me and not interact with any of the other meds I take. Once I got the okay from her I started trying it. It has a really nice minty flavor to it. It is very easy to use and it’s a great size to just pop in your purse and take anywhere.

vitamin d oral spray

The only two issues I found with this Vitamin D oral spray is that it’s a little on the sweet end for me and the sweetness does tend to linger for a bit on my tongue. Also You have to use it 4 times a day. With a pill, there is no aftertaste and it’s only 1 a day. But like I mentioned those are the only two issues I have with it. Other than those two things, it absorbs quickly and I have had no side effects taking this. So it is something I would recommend.

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Product Description

  • 9 TIMES BETTER THAN TABLETS: Thanks to its Atomized nature, our Oral Spray has an absorption rate 9 Times more Effective than tablets. Take less to achieve the same levels of Vitamin D3.POWERFUL: Thanks to its Concentrated formula, you only need 4 sprays a day. Put your FortiVitum Oral Spray inside a beautiful case and show off without revealing the secret behind your Smile.

    ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made in the USA from Only Natural Ingredients that meet all FDA standards, ensuring our Vitamin D3 is Safe to take and Effective. 100 % GMO-Free is No Polysorbate 80. No Artificial Flavors and Colors.

    SMALL AND STYLISH: FortiVitum Oral Spray is as Small as a pen, so you can put it in your pocket or purse. Avoid the hassle of pill jars but Never Miss a Dose.

    100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Simple No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you don´t love FortiVitum´s Vitamin D3 Spray during the first 30 days, contact us and get a full refund.


  1. Terry Poage

    I understand what your saying. I have a lot of problems too. I take the once a week pill.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      I do the once a week one in the winter time because it’s a higher dose. During the summer I have to do the daily pill.


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