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You can get great glasses online at GreatEyeGlasses!


Being someone who has worn glasses since my late teens. I used to buy glasses at the optical store where I would get my exam done. I didn’t know there were other choices so I kept getting them there, and paying tons! When I heard about GreatEyeGlasses I just had to take a look. I went on to the GreatEyeGlasses website and took a look.

I was surprised to see so many different options of frames that are available. They have frames for women, men, kids even safety glasses! They over so many different materials like: Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Metal & Plastic, and Plastic. They also offer so many different frames styles and shapes! They also offer progressive, bifocal lenses and tons of different colors. 

They even have glasses that start at $5.99! I chose a pair of glasses and loved trying their virtual “try on”. It was super easy to upload a picture and try on all sorts of different frames. I finally chose a pair from so many that I liked. It was easy to input and save my prescription into the website. GreatEyeGlasses offers Free scratch protection coating, so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about paying extra for. 

Once you choose your frame you just enter the prescription you need them in. And your lens type (ex: Polycarbonate Lenses, Water Repellent / Anti Fog Lens, Super Thin & Light Lenses etc.). You also get to choose if you want sun darkening, tints or coatings. 

Everything was super easy. Once you place your order in your cart you can pay with your choice of major credit cards. I received an email when my order was received (as soon as I paid), when the order was processed and shipped. My order shipped out within a week and I received it quickly. My glasses came in an envelope and were protected against any damage. 

I had a very nice experience with GreatEyeGlasses when it came to ordering and receiving my order. I did have one issue with them though. When I placed my order I requested to get sun darkening on my glasses. When I received my order I was super excited to them out because of that specific thing. However after several tries my glasses did not darken. I have reached out the customer service department but I have yet to receive an email in return. When I do (as I am keeping my hopes up) I will update this post and let you know what happens. 

You can check out GreatEyeGlasses on their website, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like a great place to order glasses. It costs me a fortune when I go to an optical place. These prices sound so much better with a bigger selection. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Another great one to try is I have ordered several times from them without any issues. 🙂


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