#VidaKai Fruit/Tea Infuser Water Bottle

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VidaKai Loose Leaf Tea Strainer and Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


My previous tea infuser bottle broke, so I was thrilled to try this one. I like that it all comes apart, so you can clean it well. I love making tea with loose leaf tea in this tea infuser. Thanks to the small steel strainer, it always comes out great. You just add tea or fruit to the strainer and screw it into the bottom. Flip over and add water. Both ends have a seal so I have had zero leaks. My tea stays hot for at least an hour without even using the sleeve. Although I love that this bottle brings it’s sleeve, my tea doesn’t last long enough to need the help with temperature that the sleeve would provide. This bottle is great and I would absolutely recommend it. Here is a video where I go into a little more detail.

You can get the VidaKai Infuser Water Bottle on Amazon.

Product Description

Stay hydrated wherever your life takes you with the tastefully-designed, shatterproof, fruit and loose leaf tea infuser water bottle by VidaKai (Vida=Life, Kai=Water/Strength).
Whether it’s creating refreshing fruit-infused water (with cut up fruit) or brewing your favorite loose leaf tea (either hot or cold) for your on-the-go lifestyle, you will quickly enjoy the convenience of this 2-in-1 tea/fruit infuser.
The water bottle’s shatterproof 100% BPA-Free Tritan plastic and stainless steel construction (unlike the more fragile glass versions) safely handles temperatures of up to 225°F. The included Neoprene sleeve will keep your tea warmer, drinks cooler and provide extra protection for your water bottle.
Food-grade silicone seals tight and prevents leakage of your hot and cold beverages.
Perfect for use at the office, home, car, gym, and during outdoor activities.
You’ll save precious cabinet space, too. Who wants to store a variety of single purpose water bottles when one bottle handles multiple tasks?
Product fully disassembles for dishwasher-safe cleaning or easy hand wash.

  • STYLISH DESIGN FOR EVERYDAY USE: Chic stainless steel accents and attractive brown carrying strap make this water bottle a must have for your on-the-go lifestyle.
    100% BPA-FREE TRITAN PLASTIC AND STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Shatterproof and certified to handle temperatures of up to 225°F with durable Neoprene sleeve.
    EASY TO CLEAN / DISHWASHER SAFE: Product fully disassembles for cleaning in a dishwasher or for easy hand wash. Recommended to thoroughly wash water bottle and components before first use.
    REMOVABLE STAINLESS STEEL INFUSER FOR LOOSE LEAF TEA AND FRUIT: Brew your favorite tea or create refreshing fruit-infused water.
    LEAK-PROOF: Food grade silicone seals prevent leakage.


  1. Terry Poage

    I don’t own an infuser bottle yet but I like this one. I like the fruit infuser so I can add it to water.

  2. Margot C

    What a neat thing. I love fruit infused water or herbal teat – iced at this time of year!

  3. darleneowen

    I love that the tea stays hot.

  4. trishden

    This would be a nice handy bottle to have. I would love to make tea in it and then be able to bring it with me on the road. Thanks for the review.

  5. Paula Hogsed

    This looks great – the bottle itself looks very stylish too. Pretty cool that you can carry hot drinks as well as cold drinks!


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