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Learning a new language with Mondly.


I love learning new languages as much as I love to travel. I speak English fluently thanks to having grown up in this amazing country. I am also fluent in Spanish because my mother would never let me speak anything else in the house. I now thank her for that 1000%! In middle and high school I took French because I have family who live in France and I wanted to be ready for when I visited. After high school I spoke French off and on with my cousins but slowly lost most of what I knew because I wasn’t speaking it enough.

When I had the chance to try out Mondly I took it! Not just because I wanted to freshen up on my French but because I wanted to give a new language a try. I have always wanted to learn to speak Hindi and I could not wait to give Mondly a try.

Mondly is a new app that teaches 24 different languages on several platforms. With Mondly, people are supposed to be able to learn languages faster and in a fun and engaging way. You are able to practicie authentic conversations in a highly interactive app. Here’s a video about Mondly.

Okay so I’ve told you why I wanted to try Mondly, now let me tell you what I think about it.  I found it to be quite user-friendly. It took no more than 2 minutes to learn how to use the product. It is very interface-friendly, and I believe they make it that way on purpose. Thankfully, I did not need support during the time using the app, but there is a way to contact them via email if you have questions. I like that the app has retained my progress so far, and I have not lost any data yet. I think that this app has helped me accomplished my goal of freshening up my French to the point where I feel comfortable speaking it a lot again.

When it comes to learning Hindi (which I have no experience in) however it was very hard. While I can speak a couple words I really have not made much progress. It is easy to learn. I even have a friend who is fluent in Hindi take a look at it and he said the pronunciation of the app is right on point. I truly believe you should check out Mondly today if you’re interested in learning a new language, Just Click Here!

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