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WatchMinder Vibrating Watch and Reminder System.


The WatchMinder has been a great product for us because lately my 8 year old has been needing to take medicine on a regular basis. He is super independent and doesn’t like to be reminded of things. However like any 8 year old when he starts playing he loses track of time and needs reminding. That’s where the WatchMinder has come in so handy. I came fully charged and in a very nice box, perfect for giving.


Because it’s digital, my son doesn’t have a hard time reading it. I also really like that you can have a message display on it so he knows exactly what he needs to do. It was easy to program and easy to charge. The WatchMinder helps my son maintain his independence and I love watching how responsible he is. When the alarm goes off, he stops what he’s doing and goes to take his meds.

You can purchase the WatchMinder on their Website and connect with them on Facebook.

Product Description

Simple. Programmable. Discreet.
The vibrating wristwatch that will privately cue you through your day.
The WatchMinder is designed to help children and adults with ADHD and those with other special needs.
The watch helps people manage their time, stay focused and helps them modify their thoughts and behaviors.
Invented by a child psychologist, the WatchMinder is being used world-wide by over 50,000 people.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    I love this watch. I would like one for my grandson who has ADHD. Thank you so much for sharing


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