Mont Bleu 3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set! #discount #code

glass nail file set

3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set

Recently Mont Bleu sent me their 3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set in hopes that I would feature them! I am so in love with them, the quality, the look and their lifetime guarantee!  Check out my video below:

Right now Mont Bleu is offering my readers 20% off their products at! Just use code: VLOG at checkout. They have so many great products, you should definitely check them out! 

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  1. Ronald Gagnon

    My niece is a fingernailaholic..she would go crazy for such a set…maybe her uncle….

  2. Rosie

    this is for anyone who is into beauty – just anyone! it would be perfect a part of a gift basket!

  3. Nancy Burgess

    Love these very nice.

  4. ANN*H

    I have not seen these before . I have long nails and I keep a fingernail file everywhere in case I get a snag on any of my nails. These are really pretty – I like them a lot .Thanks

  5. Randy Fulgham

    thanks for sharing this post

  6. GillisHills

    So much pretty than my emory board, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  7. sedonafish

    looks good!

  8. karaleigh2

    What a nice nail file set–just gorgeous!

  9. Sarah Phillips

    This is a gorgeous nail file set! I love how well it works. It’s so pretty, I would want to use it all the time!

  10. Sandra Watts

    I have to have a great set. I would go crazy without one.


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