Mont Bleu 3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set! #discount #code

glass nail file set

3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set

Recently Mont Bleu sent me their 3-piece Czech Glass Nail File Set in hopes that I would feature them! I am so in love with them, the quality, the look and their lifetime guarantee!  Check out my video below:

Right now Mont Bleu is offering my readers 20% off their products at! Just use code: VLOG at checkout. They have so many great products, you should definitely check them out! 

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  1. Sandra Watts

    I have to have a great set. I would go crazy without one.

  2. Sarah Phillips

    This is a gorgeous nail file set! I love how well it works. It’s so pretty, I would want to use it all the time!

  3. karaleigh2

    What a nice nail file set–just gorgeous!

  4. sedonafish

    looks good!

  5. GillisHills

    So much pretty than my emory board, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Randy Fulgham

    thanks for sharing this post

  7. ANN*H

    I have not seen these before . I have long nails and I keep a fingernail file everywhere in case I get a snag on any of my nails. These are really pretty – I like them a lot .Thanks

  8. Nancy Burgess

    Love these very nice.

  9. Rosie

    this is for anyone who is into beauty – just anyone! it would be perfect a part of a gift basket!

  10. Ronald Gagnon

    My niece is a fingernailaholic..she would go crazy for such a set…maybe her uncle….


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