All Weather Snow / Sun Cover Protector #MFSnowCover


Car Windshield Snow Cover / Sun Shade Protector by Mini-Factory


Being in Massachusetts we tend to get a lot of snow and frost on our windshields and having to clean or scrap it in the morning is honestly a HUGE pain in the butt. Don’t even get me started about the summer, we get tons of sun and my car gets really hot inside. So of course an all weather windshield cover makes perfect sense for me. I mean how wonderful to get a product that I can use year round! How cool is that, right? Now I no longer dread the inside of my car regardless of the season. This windshield cover fit my Honda Civic perfectly! I wish they made a bigger one to fit my Odyssey. It is super easy to put on and even easier to remove. It is also super easy to clean. I just hose it down or wipe it down with a cloth, and storage is easy too. It folds up nice and small.

You can get this Car Windshield Snow Cover / Sun Shade Protector by Mini-Factory on Amazon.

Product Description

  • – Keeping Snow / Ice Off During The Winter and can also use as Sun Shade Protector In Summer!– No more scrape frost, ice or snow in frozen mornings! Made of High Quality Durable Water Resistant materials, snow / Water will not leak through the cover.

    – Easy & convenient to use, no tool required for installation. Secure with Side Flaps design, prevent from falling off.

    – Fits most Cars and CRVs.

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