Have you heard about Icing Smiles?


If you haven’t heard about them yet, you’re going to want to read this!

Icing Smiles is this amazing nonprofit organization that provides custom cakes to critically ill children. And what’s even more amazing is that they will be serving their 10,000th cake on January 30th! 

Memories have magical powers, and celebrating with cake certainly creates special memories. On January 30th a beautiful two year old girl in Lakeland, FL will be getting Icing Smiles 10,000th cake. Everleigh has battled Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma, one of the rarest forms of cancer in children since October 2014. Currently in remission and doing well, this will be a huge celebration for her family and for Icing Smiles.


Icing Smiles delivers custom cakes and treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child, matching critically ill children and their siblings with volunteer bakers in all 50 states who donate amazing cakes for the families. The nonprofit was founded in 2010 by Tracy Quisenberry, a mom who firmly believes that everyone should use their talents to serve others and who wanted to give back in a three-dimensional, fondant-covered way. 


icing-smilesWith the help of over 8,500 volunteer bakers known as Sugar Angels, Icing Smiles has been creating special memories one cake at a time. It’s not just about delivering a celebration cake. It’s about delivering a sense of hope and helping to create a normal childhood experience stolen from so many of these children. 

As a part of the Cake #10,000 celebration, Icing Smiles has partnered once again with the crowdsourcing company, Crowdrise, to raise funds to continue the Icing Smiles mission. The event, 10,000 Miles, 10,000 Smiles will include a giveaway to a randomly selected winner. The winner and a guest will receive airfare and accommodations to the Icing Smiles Buttercream Ball of their choice, a cocktail event held in cities including Miami, Chicago, Hoboken and Baltimore. The contest is presented by Satin Ice (www.satinice.com), long-time, generous supporters of Icing Smiles. 


10,000 Miles, 10,000 Smiles (https://www.crowdrise.com/10000Smiles) will kick off on January 8th, and will run through January 30th, the day of the Cake #10,000 delivery. For more information about Icing Smiles, visit www.icingsmiles.org







  1. Kim Tobin (@kimberleytobin)

    What a wonderful organization! Something so small can mean so much.

  2. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood

    This is the sweetest idea ever. I love this organization, thank you for sharing!


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