Boyon Eye Care LED Reading Lamp #BoyonEyeCareLEDReadingLamp


Boyon Pro Desk Lamp Touch Sensor LED Eye Care Lamp Light with Adjustable Gooseneck for Home, Pc, Reading, Studying, Working


I am absolutely in love with this fabulous lamp. I really like that you can turn it on, control the brightness and turn it off all with the touch of your fingertips. Because of the gooseneck I can place it into any position or angle I need it in. This makes it super easy to direct light exactly where I want it. It has 3 different levels of brightness which is great!


I also like that I can charge it and then take it to wherever I need light even if there isn’t a plug near by. I recommend this lamp and especially for small spaces it’s great. takes up so little room on a desk top.

You can get this great lamp on Amazon.

Product Description

Product features:

Boyon Eye protection lamp: With advanced luminous technology, there is no dazzle light and stroboflash. And without ultraviolet radiation, this Boyon lamp is so soft to protect your eyes. 
Stepless Adjustable Brightness: The switch is touch sensor and you can adjust the brightness according to your requirement. Therefore, it is easy for everyone to use it.
Small Compact size: BOYON Simple, Elegant and Portable design for small spaces.
Built in high power Battery: After charging it full, you can use it for a long time. And this Boyon lamp features long lifespan and light-emitting conductor which is small light failure.
360 Degree Adjustment: Adjust the BOYON lamp according to your requirements.
Before and after sale service: If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me. And we provide lifetime service.

Brand: BOYON 
product Dimension: 138mm(base dia) X 122mm(head dia) X 430mm(height) 
Color: pure white 
Rotation:360 degrees and up and down adjustment. 
light temperature: 5500-6500k 
Brightness range: 2-200 LUX(30 cm distance) 
Bulb life:50000 hours(10+ years under normal use) 
Power source: built-in battery and electric cord power 
Battery Input: 3.7v/700 mAh 
Charging Input: 5v/1 A 
Mix power: 5w 
Material: Eco ABS Material

Packing List: 
1 LED lamp 
1 piece recharge cord 
1 user manual(English) 
1 Power Adapter

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