Stainless Steel Apple Corer #xchef


Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Apple Corer by X-Chef


I love how perfectly this apple corer from X-Chef works! It cored the apple in a clean and simple twist. I just placed the serrated edge into the apple and then pushed it through in one simple twist of the wrist. The core came right out of the apple. This corer works so much better than the other ones I have tried. This corer does it’s job easily! It’s stainless, nice and sharp and fits comfortably in my hand. This apple corer will last a long time, it’s definitely a keeper!


You can get this stainless steel apple corer by X-Chef on Amazon.

Product Description

  • THE BEST APPLE CORER ON AMAZON – With 5 stars, customers agree it’s the best on Amazon!
  • SUPER DURABLE – 100% stainless steel, rustproof, and dishwasher safe. Like all Nature’s Kitchen products, we’ve put this through extensive tests to be the best.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE – Teeth come sharp and stay sharp, unlike the competition. All metal construction designed to last!
  • A DEDICATED TOOL – Built to be the best core remover for apples, pears, mangoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and everything in between
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – All X-Chef products are backed by the Green Leaf Lifetime Warranty. 100% money-back, no questions asked, your satisfaction guaranteed!

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Simple and easy to use. Commercial strength and sharpness make this product the premier choice. Sharpest on the market. Period. The teeth come sharp, stay sharp, and never break. Made from tough stainless steel, the product is rust and stain proof, and also extremely durable. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and durability – the built-in rubber grip makes sure you don’t put strain on your hands while preventing slippage. You’ll need very little force to use this tool with ease. Works wonderfully for more than just apples! Try it with pears, mangoes, tomatoes, and bell peppers, or even use it to make baked apples! The possibilities are endless. Easy to hang using a sturdy metal loop on the handle.

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