DOB Funny and Colorful Stationery Set #ColorfulStationery


Fun & Colorful Stationery Set Perfect For Greeting Cards, Planners and More!


I absolutely love this stationery set, it’s going to be perfect for my new 2016 planner! They really are the cutest things I have ever seen! I love that one of the two stamper rolls are little coffees and lattes the second are little alligators. I also really like that there are 5 stamper/markers that come in different colors. They are a Star, Heart, Lip, Flower, & Cloud shaped. There are also gel pens that come in the cute shape of bananas. Also included are two egg shape rainbow erasers. Take a look at my video to see this fun & colorful stationery set in action.

You can get this adorable DOB Funny and Colorful Stationery Set on Amazon.

Product Description

DOB Stationery Set is full of fun for decorating cards, wrapping paper, scrapbooks and paper crafts. Suitable for gift-giving occasions for the opening ceremony, birthday, awards ceremony, wedding, business gifts, promotional advertising, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, festivals, fairs, housewarming, employee benefits. 

1. Multifunctional and colorful stationery set for fun and decoration of think the notes and diaries, add excitement to projects and pictures, great gift choice for children and kids.
2. The set include 5Pcs Cute Stamp Makers, 4Pcs Cartoon Banana Pens, 2 Colorful Eggs Eraser and 2 Decoration Tape Pens at random colors and shapes.
3. The pen writes smoothly and easily to decorate your books and notes, comes in a variety of designs.
4. Enriches the entertainment of learning life, great gift idea for kids, children and students.
5. Made of plastic and high quality rubber, BPA free, non-toxic and tasteless, 100% safe.

Product Features: 
Stamp Makers 
1.Star, Heart, Lip, Flower, Cloud shapes. 
2.Colorful stampers make it easy to create picture-perfect designs every time, include 5 different kinds of colors. 
3.Fun filled shapes adds fun and excitement to projects and pictures. 
4.Easy to use-just pull off the cap and stamp away. 
5.Dimension(in): 5.91(L)*0.47(Dia.). 
Banana Pens 
1.Office/School Type: Gel Pen. 
2.Erase the wrong writing any time. 
3.The writing will disappear when heated. 
4.Dimension(in): 6.1(L)*0.39(Dia.). 
Colorful Eggs Eraser 
1.Made of high quality rubber, BPA free and durable. 
2.Erases cleanly without scratching or tearing paper surface, and leaves no dust. 
3.Leaves a clean surface, with minimal eraser “crumbs”. 
4.Great gift idea for kids children students. 
5.Dimension(in): 1.7*1.2. 
Decoration Tape Pens 
1.Simply pull the pen across your paper to apply the pattern-printed tape to get instant decoration without any drying time. 
2.Roll out long lines of a pattern to create a border, or apply a single image to give documents a personal touch. 
3.Decorate cards, wrapping paper, scrapbooks and paper crafts with holiday patterns printed onto easy-glide tape with a handy applicator. 
4.2 cute decoration pens at random colors and shapes. 
5.Dimension(in): 4.4*1.1*0.6. 

Package Includes: 
– 5Pcs Stamper Markers 
– 4Pcs Banana Pens 
– 2Pcs Decoration Tape Pens 
– 2 Colorful Eggs Eraser

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