Creative Builder Set Is A Great Toy! #educationaltoy


Educational Toys, 85 Pieces Creative Builder Set. Great Gift For Boys & Girls! 


My boys love to build and they especially like toys that will let their imaginations run free. That is exactly what these educational toys do! One thing that I really like is that there are 85 pieces in this set, including 4 wheels that work perfectly! The pieces are made from sturdy plastic and you connect them using plastic screws. The pieces are nice and big, colorful, bright and come in an assortment of sizes!


This set is such a creative way to help kids use their imagination along with helping them to learn logical thinking, basic motor skills, coordination, colors, counting, and sorting. My boys absolutely love it and we highly recommend it.

You can get the Creative Builder Set by Koolsupply from Amazon.

Product Description

Educational Toys New Release! Hot! 85 Pieces Creative Builder Set from Koolsupply. Assembly Toys Encourage Children Learning Through Playing! Build Up Your Unique Toy Everyday!

BEST GIFT FOR YOUR KIDS! With 85 parts including 4 wheels and a spanner, your kids can build a unique toy everyday without feeling boring!

EDUCATION THROUGH GAME! Our creative builder encourage children to be creative, build everything they want. Introduce children to learn basic motor skills, coordination, counting, designing, sorting and logical thinking through playing. STEM supported!

GREAT FAMILY TIME GAME! You can give different “building challenge” to your kids every time they play. You can ask them to follow the challenge card included with the toys or simply ask them build something that you think of, you will see how creative they can be and never feel boring!

CREATIVITY STARTED HERE! More then hundreds of combination can be found in this game. It can be a dinosaur, a horse, a robot, a car, a furniture in your home,… Buy more sets to create even more complex toys!

MONEY SAVING! Your children can create different toys every time by their own and you can play it with them in many ways. Not like the toys that your kids only play for a week then being thrown to the bottom of the toy box!

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