Holiday Gift Idea: CardNinja #tossyourwallet


CardNinja The wallet that will change your life!

DisclosureBeing a mom of 3 it’s rare when I have a moment to myself. More often these moments come up very unexpectedly and 99% of those times it’s a quick run to the grocery store. My hunny and I laugh about these moments all the time because whenever they do happen he always says ” If you wanna go alone, you have to sneak out”. LOL Which is very hard since my purse is usually in my bedroom. My phone however is always with me. So when I heard about the CardNinja I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The CardNinja is this super cool accessory for cell phones. It is a spandex pocket with 3M adhesive that attaches to the back of any smartphone or case and keeps your ID, cash and up to 8 cards secure. There are lots of cell phones that will work with the Card Ninja. Once you have it adhered, you can store whatever credit cards, ID’s, money or information you want to store in it. It comes in so many colors and designs and it retails for $9.95 for the solid colors and $11.95 for the ones with designs. Which in my opinion is a great price for such an useful product! cardninja

As soon as I got it I put it on my cell phone and immediately LOVED it! To try it out I placed a few singles and our library cards, because I was worried that it might fall off and then I would be stuck with losing all my cards or money. However, once I realized how unbelievably resilient it is I quickly placed my cash and cards in it. Now whenever I need to quickly sneak out of the house I can. 🙂

Another thing I’ve noticed with the CardNinja is that whenever people see the Card Ninja, they always ask me what it is. Once I tell them they quickly want to find out where to get it! This is really a great product that I know I will use for a long time.

This little product is an amazing stocking stuffer, it is available online and in over 7,000 locations nationwide including Amazon, CVS, select Verizon stores and all Micro Center locations. CardNinja is the perfect present for anyone and everyone, even YOU!!

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