Read Between the Wines – a perfect game for those 21+


Read Between The Wines! The Party Game of Wine, Wit & Wordplay by UNCORKED!


I love board games so of course when I was asked to try Read Between The Wines! I couldn’t wait. to see what it was and how to play it. This is a party game that allows you and your guests to try out different wines while explaining them with phrases. Cool right? So how exactly would you explain a wine with a phrase. Well you have to find a way similar to charades to explain in a phrase the wine without revealing what it is.

The set comes with a deck of cards with different ways to describe the drinks through the game. It also has 7 wine charms, notefolios with “Zin-onyms” and “Vocab-ernet” cheat sheets, notepads, pencils, deck of theme cards and Rules Remix. So really all you need to do is add the wine and a few friends! So how do you play? You sample a wine, pick a theme. The game includes 54 hilarious themes to inspire your wine-scribing. Next you write your own description. Then it’s time to guess who said what! You earn points for correctly “pairing” a description with its author.


It truly is tons of fun! It’s a great addition to those get togethers where my friends and I drink more than one bottle of wine anyway.  It really is a lot of fun trying different wines, and I love that the wine charms can be used inside or out of the game. Everyone’s a winner with Read Between The Wines!

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