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Vanity Tray Organizer By Marishi with Two Acrylic Insert Trays


With the holidays approaching I am thinking of ways to organize my house and make things look nice. Like any woman I have a lot of jewelry and even more makeup. That’s where this vanity tray fits in perfectly! It does fit beautifully in my vanity shelf- the dimensions given are spot on. It is strong & well-made, not too heavy, but is clearly not going to warp or bend like a cheap plastic piece would. I like that aside from makeup you can use it for so many things and since it’s clear it matches everything. I also really like that I can add a picture to it so that I can match my decor or leave it clear! It’s a great value compared to comparable products. This is a great holiday gift!


You can get this Vanity Tray Organizer By Marishion Amazon.

Product Description

You Will Enjoy The Many Ways You Can Use This Beautiful, Versatile Set Of Three High Quality Acrylic Trays.

Outside dimensions for the large tray is 11-13/16in x 7-7/8in x 1-5/8in. That’s nearly 90 square inches while the small trays are inside the large tray, and nearly 130 square inches when the trays are used separately. Arrange smaller trays inside the large tray, allowing you to set the arrangement for your personal style and the size of your items.

Bedroom Dresser? Bathroom? Office Desk? Kitchen? Craft Room? This Acrylic Organizer Is Designed To Solve Your Storage Needs Wherever You Need It

Use as a vanity tray set for your dresser or counter top. Use it as a jewelry organizer or tray. It will add a bright accent to your makeup vanity. Set it up as a cosmetic organizer to keep your most used items handy. Use as a bathroom organizer tray. It will fit nicely inside a drawer, but why hide its elegance? Place it on your toilet as a tank tray.

As a desktop organizer tray, keep your most used supplies handy without those annoying small compartments. Your desktop will be elegant, bright and contemporary.

Use this acrylic tray set in your kitchen or bar. Near your front door to keep your keys where you need them. What about your portable electronics? The possibilities are endless.

Further Customize With Your Own Personal Photos

The removable trays allow you to display your favorite photos to enjoy them often. Simply use the smaller trays as a template to size your photos. Place the sized photos under the trays for a beautiful customized look.
Protect your more delicate items by placing the smaller trays upside down. It gives the appearance as if in its own separate box.

You may wish to stand the trays upright (vertical) for a lovely display of your treasured collectibles and trinkets. Place on a shelf or mount to a wall. The choice is yours.

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