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Enlightened Ambience ~ Dickens Christmas & Traditional Red Mulberry Votive Candles. 


I have been a fan of Enlightened Ambience Candles ever since I tried their Lavender scented votives. So when I was chosen to try their Dickens Christmas & Traditional Red Mulberry votive candles I was ecstatic! When I received them I automatically fell in love with them. I like that both of these votives are plain red votives. They are perfect to use for my holiday decorating. They smell amazing and the scent is not overpowering at all!


Each scent of these votives come in a 24  count box, they came very well packaged and arrived on time without any damage. I really like that they have nice long wicks, which is perfect because you have to clean and trim the wick before using them. They are also long burning, 

Of all the Christmas scented candles I own the Dickens Christmas votives have to be one of the trickiest to sum up because it is both cinnamony (I don’t think that’s a word but it should be) yet sweet in scent that takes me back to my childhood. It is rich, warming and does fill the room with a scent that transports me back to the excitement of Christmas day! This is really the perfect votive to light in the run up to Christmas Eve!

The Traditional Red Mulberry votives scent is sweet, fruity and absolutely wonderful. I have tried many Mulberry scented candles yet none of them have gotten the scent right, except for this one. This scent is right on the money. This is by far my favorite candle of all time! If I had to sum up this votive in two words they would be Holiday Sparkle! This is a great votive for anytime of the year, especially around the Christmas season.

You can get both of these amazing scents by Enlightened Ambience on Amazon.

Use coupon code EKGDEHVO at checkout for $5.00 off a box of Dickens Christmas candles.

Use coupon code 2ODALZJI at checkout for $5.00 off a box of  the Mulberry candles.

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Product Description

Dickens Christmas candles evoke memories of your grandmother’s christmas tree with warm apple cider in front of a glowing fire. This scent includes a background of wassail simmering on the stove. Dickens Christmas is the scent of orange and apple cider with back notes of cinnamon stick, nutmeg, juniper and pinecones. Candles can create a mood, and set the stage for any event. They can evoke memories from the past and help create new happy moments. They can make a room feel comfortable and cozy. 

This fruity wild mulberry blend with tangerines and cherry scent will fill your home with a sweet tangy fragrance. Candles set the mood and stage any event, and ours are: Ideal for making a room feel comfortable and cozy. They are long burning (14-16 hours). 

Candles make the perfect gift for a housewarming, hostess, and adult birthday or for any holiday. These candles are made by hand here in the U.S.A. A portion of each sale goes to help disabled children. These candles are even burning. These candles are full of fragrance. We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal for this reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee with no hassles. We have many fragrances. We want to be your Amazon candle supplier. These candles burn best when placed in a votive holder with a 2 inch diameter. These are not meant to burn on a flat surface.

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