VTech: Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow & Learn Farm Review


VTech: Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow & Learn Farm


Even in the age of smartphones and tablets, I love my little guy playing with toys that will help his motor skills. So when I was asked to have him try out the VTech: Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow & Learn Farm I happily agreed. When it arrived and my little guy saw the box, he was super excited! It comes in pieces but it’s very easy to snap together, they interlock like puzzle pieces. Once put together, it is a very nice size. Perfect for my little guy to play with.


It only took me a total of 3-4 minutes to set up. My little guy was so eager to play that before I could even finish snapping the pieces together, he had the rooster in his hand and was rolling it all over the house. I showed him how to play with the rooster on the farm. And Believe it or not it kept his attention for well over a couple hours (isn’t that awesome!). He absolutely loves all the sounds and music, but the fact that the rooster could roll around the house like a car was his favorite feature. He loves playing with the rooster on the swing, the slide, the silo and watering the carrots to make them “grow”.


This toy is super cool (as Matias says) because VTech came up with this cool technology called SmartPoint™. It works when an animal is rolled over one of the various SmartPoint locations on this play set, fun sounds and phrases are triggered. Additional animals with this technology are sold separately (cow,sheep and a donkey). This toy has been in our living room more than any other toy these past few weeks, which is a true testament that this set is a winner.


The Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow & Learn Farm is for kids ages 1 – 5. I think this is a great toy for the price and a great gift for kids on any occasion. I also like that this play set also works with  other Go! Go! Smart Wheels Playsets!

You can buy this playset on the VTech Website, Amazon, Target or your favorite store for toys!

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  1. Dorothy Boucher

    what a great gift this would make, and I love that the children can use their own imagination playing with this,,

  2. Foreignmommy

    We love Vtech toys and the Go Go Smart Animals would make the perfect play set for our toddler


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