Kids Say The Darndest Things…


Kids say the darndest things…

Ever since Matias got this “Baby Luigi” plush, it goes with him wherever he goes. Be it the bathroom, the dining room table, the toy room or bed. Today he set him on the bathroom counter to watch him while Matias took a bath. Then I got him ready for bed and off they went. Once they were in bed and after the bedtime story, this is how our conversation went.

Matias: “Mommy, baby Luigi is already asleep. Isn’t he so cute when he’s sleeping?”

I replied: “Yes, he’s cute when he’s sleeping. Just like you.”

Matias: “No mommy, I’m cute all the time.” 

Me: “Of course you are, how silly of me.”

Oh this boy, I love him so much!!! I swear, kids say the darndest things. I wish they didn’t grow so fast. How am I ever going to manage when they have grown and are doing their own thing? At least I will have this post to look back on and smile. 

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