CraftyCroc™ Launches 3 New Products!


Presenting CraftyCroc™’s New Products!



I love CraftyCroc™! I reviewed their Neon 10 pack a while back and fell in love with the quality of these liquid chalk markers. So when I was asked to share with you more information about their new products, I couldn’t say no. So here I am bringing you information on CraftyCroc™ and their 3 new products: The New 10 Pack in Earthy Tones, The New Neon 8 Pack and The New 18 pack! I really love that you can use them on many surfaces and each pack comes with 2 extra tips. 


These are the New CraftyCroc™ Neon 8 Pack!

These are the same fantastic neon colors as our incredibly popular 10 pack just without the brown and black. These are at a cheaper price for those who would prefer to spend a little less but still get the same CraftyCroc™ quality.


Here are the New CraftyCroc™ 10 Pack in Earthy Tones!

These Liquid Chalk Markers have deep rich earthy tones perfect for decorating this fall.  These are a great compliment to the neon markers or when you want a more subtle look.


And last but certainly not least the New CraftyCroc™ HUGE value pack!

This pack contains 18 markers with all the colors from both the neon and earthy range. Get the best of both worlds without having to buy two packets.


CraftyCroc™ are a fantastic product on multiple levels.  They provide hours of indoor fun for kids with their ability to decorate and write on windows, mirrors, plastics, metals, tiles and all manner of non-porous surfaces and their easy clean-up is a joy for parents.

They’re non-odorous and non-toxic making them safe for any children 3 and over with adult supervision.  With a modest level of artistic ability, you can create some really cool works of art.

Our lead product of 10 Neon Markers have been award the number 1 best seller on Amazon for both Chalk in Arts & Crafts and for Chalk in Educational Supplies and have a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. They were also awarded a Sterling Fun Award from TillyWig Toy Awards. We hope that this gives you some confidence that you will be promoting a quality product to your followers.

They’re also amazing for holiday season decorations, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Halloween etc on the windows of your home, your car, shop fronts, greeting cards, creating dazzling labels on gifts, kitchen items, chalkboard contact paper, our own CraftyCroc™ Chalkboard Labels  and more! (note – we do not recommend them for use on most painted chalkboards as this paint in most cases is highly porous and the ink may leave staining on this medium)Crafters love them for their amazing vivid colors when used in scrapbooking projects.  Our kids also love them for decorating other craft projects made from cardboard, boxes, paper towel rolls and more.

The unique packaging and CraftyCroc crocodile character are a huge hit with kids who love this little character.

So take your pick and head on over to the CraftyCroc™ website to see their other products! You can also connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube

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