3-Port USB Car Charger Review #USBportal


3-Port USB Car Charger from USB Portal


Whenever we’re in the car I need a car charger with multiple ports. Mainly because both my hunny and I have our own cell phones. But on long car trips we also bring our tablet along for the boys to watch movies. Multiple car chargers are not uncommon, however a car charger that has 3 ports and is good is hard to come by. So when I was asked to test out the 3-Port USB Car Charger from USB Portal I couldn’t wait to receive it. It arrived in a package that kept it very well protected during shipping. I like that it has two 2.1A and one 1A ports. It also has a blue indicator light. It fits perfectly in my car’s outlet and it charged our devices quickly. It’s made well and works great. This is such a great thing to have in my car!


You can get the great USB Portal 3-Port USB Car Charger on Amazon.

Product Description

This is a high-output 3-Port USB car charger which can charge up to 3 devices in the same time. The model is black, and includes a blue LED indicator light on the interface which lights up when the adaptor is connected to the power source in the car.
It is compact (1.6″ x 1.6″ x 2.8″), comes in a nice packaging, and is compatible with most popular smartphones, tablets, and other USB powered electronics.

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