Our sail around Boston Harbor aboard the Adirondack III


Our sail aboard the Adirondack III with Classic Harbor Line Cruises Boston.


We just came back from a fabulous sail around the Boston Harbor aboard the Adirondack III. When we arrived at the dock we were greeted with an amazing vessel.


We had a crew of 3 very friendly and knowledgeable guys. It was such an amazing sail. We saw several wonderful views of this amazing city.


And got to see the the harbor islands.


We also got to wave goodbye to a car cargo vessel.


The boys really loved seeing the airport from a view different than they’ve ever seen.


It was awesome to see the planes taking off and flying right above us.

We also got to see other boats. 


Here are two crew members taking down the sails. 


And we’re back.


It was such an amazing trip. If you haven’t taken a trip aboard the Adirondack III from Classic Harbor Line Cruises Boston I highly recommend you do so. We all loved it and I know that it will be a trip that the boys will be talking about for a while. 

Are you ready to see Boston like you never have? Come take this 2 hour sail aboard the Adirondack III, a wooden 80-foot pilot schooner. Within five minutes of leaving the dock, you’ll forget the mayhem and noise of the City, and you’ll feel the relaxing breeze of Boston Harbor! Aside from the day trips they also offer sunset cruises!


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  1. Patrick Weseman

    Great photos. Looks like a super fun trip.


    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thank you, you have great pictures too in your post. Thanks for sharing your link to it. 🙂


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