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Wood Egg Shaker by Zenit Audio


The Wood Egg Shaker by Zenit Audio is such a cute shaker. I really like that it is something that all my boys like to play with. My 4 year old loves to just randomly make noise, but my 8 & 10 year olds use it to keep rhythm. It’s such a great size for their hands. There’s no smell and it is polished to a nice shine without making it slippery. It looks well made with no sharp or rough spots. I like that it is loud enough to make music but not loud enough to get on your nerves. Simple, safe and perfect is what I would say to describe this Wood Egg Shaker.

You can buy the Wood Egg Shaker by Zenit Audio on Amazon.

Product Description

  • -Excellent musical instrument for all musical skill levels
    -Great gift for children, kids and babies
    -Sharp rattle (not muffled) with warm, mellow sound and pleasant-level loudness that does not become obnoxious over any period of listening
    -Countless sounds possible, depending on how you play it
    -Each one is unique in terms of both aesthetics and acoustics

How to make great music and keep your children happy
Looking for the ultimate percussion instrument?
Searching for an easy way to introduce music to your children or offer a great gift to babies?

Meet the Zenit Audio Wood Egg Shaker, the only shaker you will ever need. 
Perfect for all ages and skill levels. Can be used as main rhythm instrument with soft music or secondary one in busier songs. Useful in any live or recording situation. Used in acoustic music, can be used in any genre. 
Solid and durable, hardly visible signs of seams. Can be bitten, stepped on (do not leave on the floor to avoid trip hazard) and thrown. A child’s teeth leave little to no marks. Virtually indestructible and unbreakable, avoiding spilled pellets and choking hazards for children. 
Can also be used as a toy by children of any age. Makes a great gift to babies, kids and children of all ages. For kids with parents who appreciate lower volume.

-Unobtrusive tone
-For any hand size
-Versatile instrument
-Chicken egg-shaped. Specifications (vary for each product) L/W: 7cm/4.5cm, circumferences: 18cm/14cm, weight: 30-40gr.
-Natural birch wood with safe (non-toxic) finish preventing rot or dangerous fungi colonies
-No danger of swallowing or choking by toddlers
-Certifications: EN71 part 1/2/3, ASTM F963, CE

Lifetime guarantee!
Buy now and if you are not completely satisfied, return it to Amazon and you will receive a new one or be fully reimbursed for your purchase.

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