It’s a Pen, It’s a Stylus and It’s a Laser! #Kyasi


Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser Combination Gadget


I love the Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser Combination Gadget. For starters I love that it’s purple!!!! It does come in 7 great colors Red, White, Blue, Purple, Black, Silver and Dark Green, but of course I chose purple because that’s my favorite. 


It’s super easy to switch between the pen and the stylus. And the Stylus glides on my screen quickly and effortless.


And the laser is perfect for presentations. I really like that this comes with batteries included.


Here’s a video showing you how to use the Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser Combination Gadget.

Easy right! So what are you waiting for… order yours on the Kyasi Website. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Product Description

The PERFECT gift idea for Dads or Grads!

Check out this amazing three in one gadget that is a great item for everyday use, but is also a wonderful gift idea.

The Kyasi Stylus Collection – It’s a Pen, It’s a Stylus and It’s a Laser! (Batteries INCLUDED)
This upscale device built from 100% brass is really 3 devices in one. It’s a superb writing instrument perfectly balanced to feel sturdy in your hands without being too heavy.

It is an amazingly powerful laser pointer that is highly visible even in a well-lit room. And it’s range is amazing. The visibility is really exceptional.

The features just keep on coming because it is has an incredibly high quality microfiber mesh tipped stylus which will work on any capacitive touch screen. This means all Apple devices, Samsung devices, Kindles, Microsoft tablets and nearly all smart phones in the world today can easily be controlled by this cool stylus.

Best of all everything you need to get started is right in the box which includes the batteries. 
This is the ultimate for gift giving. It’s perfect for the boss, a teacher or the hard to buy for person because everyone uses a pen, the laser is fun for teasing kittens and the stylus is extra cool too.

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  1. Melissa S

    This would be a handy tool to have, I love items that have more than one use.


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