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Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Bag


This Velocity Boxing Inflatable Punching Bop Bag is a great addition to any home with kids! My boys always have a little more energy than one would think and this provides a great way for them to release said energy and have fun at the same time. My boys are 10, 8 and 4 and play with this daily. My kids just love this and have tons of fun! I am very pleased with it’s sturdiness and durability. I can’t stop my 4 year old from sitting and jumping on it, but still hasn’t popped! I really liked that it came with a foot pump and patches to repair should it pop.


It definitely was taller than we expected. It also holds a large amount of water/sand in the bottom. Like I mentioned before it’s very sturdy and can take quite a beating. The only thing is that it’s advertised as having a clear slot for a picture but ours didn’t come with that. It’s really not an issue for us but I do want to mention it.

You can buy the Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Bag on Amazon.

Product Description:

  • Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Bag
    Also Includes a Foot Pump to Both Inflate and Deflate Bag
    Perfect for Ages 5+ and Up! Base Valve Opens, Fill with Water to Keep Bag Weighted
    Overall Height: 56.6″, Base Diameter: 14″

Punch it and it bounces right back up. Air-inflated bop for hours of soft, safe fun. Users punches the bop bag, it will tip over and pop back up. It will keep bouncing back for more! Package Includes: Velocity Boxing Big Size Bop Bag Foot pump to inflate and deflate the bag

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  1. Alison Gibb

    I remember having a punching thing similar to this when I was a kid. There are days I could use it now!!


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