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Binky Fresh™ UV Pacifier & Bottle Nipple Sanitizer


I am always worried about the cleanliness of my son’s binky and bottle/sippy cup nipples. Especially when I’m on the go. Now I don’t have to worry about that because with the Binky Fresh UV Pacifier & Bottle Nipple Sanitizer I can sanitize what I need when I need it! I really like how compact this UV Sanitizer is the size of an orange so you can imagine how easy you can carry it with you anywhere. It’s run by batteries so you’re never without a charge, thanks to the convenience of batteries being sold everywhere. I especially like that the bottom is removable so that I can easily sanitize bottle and sippy cup nipples. Now a day many of the sippy cups we have come with several parts (that’s so that they are leak proof) well I just place all the pieces in the Binky Fresh and voila! Babies drop their bottles and pacifiers constantly and now it’s easy to be prepared for when it happens.


This unit has come in very handy and I would highly recommend it. It also makes a great gift for a new parent or soon to be parent. You can now purchase the Binky Fresh directly from the Binky Fresh Website or on Amazon.

Product Description

How Binky Fresh™ Works

Why Binky Fresh™BinkyFresh™ is a UV pacifier sterilizer made with a unique round design that kills bacteria from every angle…. Every single time!
Every single child deserves a clean, germ free pacifier, a clean bottle nipple, and a germ free sippy cup. Research shows that the same types of bacteria found on a common pacifier have been linked to cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases.  BinkyFresh™ is an FDA Listed Medical Device, proven to kill aggressive bacteria that lives deep within the pores of pacifiers and bottle nipples and most importantly, safe when in use.

BinkyFresh™ is recommended most by Health Professionals.  There are plenty of diseases that we hope our babies never have to face.  Knowing that their mouth is a portal to all of their organs, a pacifier should be cleaned every time and not just rinsed or wiped.  Never underestimate the power of germs, especially the germs you can’t see.

“It’s common sense, pacifiers and bottles are dirty and need to be cleaned.”

Dr. Lee M. Luciani, 2014   


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