Universal Periscope Lens Review


Universal Periscope Spy Lens for Smartphones Cameras.


This Universal Periscope Spy Lens comes with the lens itself and a sticky magnetic piece to attach to your phone. The blue side is magnetic while you have to peel a white layer off to get the sticky side. Since I have a Galaxy S5, it did not stick very well at all because I have a square lens. When I did manage to get it to stick properly, it worked great. I did have the circle of the periscope lens on my pics though. I was pretty amazed at what the little lens could do. I was able to easily spin the lens and get a clear and full rotation of my entire setting.The quality is clear as usual and actually, except for the circle shadow. This lens is great for video and movie making because you get various new angles without difficulty. I had to give it 4 stars ultimately because of the circle shadow but that is only because my device has a square and not a circle lens. Overall, it’s a nifty lens that gives you a new perspective to taking photos and videos while its size is small enough to store somewhere in your bag or pocket for on the go use.

You can get a Universal Periscope Spy Lens on Amazon.

Product Description

– Attach the adhesive magnetic ring that sits flush on the back of your phone,making it easy to attach and remove the periscope lens. – High quality glass and mirrored interior provides excellent photo quality with this lightweight,pocket sized attachment made from high grade aluminum and built to last. -Have fun catching your friends while they aren’t looking,photograph the perfect foodie shots from above without shadows and get the angles right while viewing your screen comfortably. – The magnetic lens is safe for all phone and swivels a full 360 degrees so you can get nearly any shot all while viewing your screen.

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