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Orblue Pizza Dough Docker


This is a very cool kitchen tool. I had never used one but did know how to use it. We have Pizza Night every Friday night and we each make individual pizzas customised to our likings. And ever since we used this dough docker we no longer get those annoying huge bubbles in our pizzas. I really like this tool and it’s easy to clean. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is that it would get stuck in the dough so it was hard to roll. We don’t make thick pizzas so I don’t think that was the issue. But other than that I really like it. Maybe I’ll try to grease it next time. 🙂

This handy pizza baking tool helps create professional-quality pizza every time. Just press & roll across your pizza dough. It helps minimize the dough from rising, creating a more even-looking pizza crust, and it helps prevent ‘blistering’ of the dough. It’s made from tough, high-impact plastic so it’s built to last. Great for pizza lovers who just enjoy making their own chef-style pizza at home.

You can get this great Dough Docker by Orblue on Amazon.

Product Description

  • Pizza dough docker prevents dough blistering, resulting in a more enjoyable & tasty looking pizza
    Pastry roller made from sturdy, high-impact plastic so it’s built to provide a lifetime of use
    Press helps minimize dough from rising, resulting in a more consistently even rising pizza crust
    Our pizza making tool is easy to use – Just press & roll across entire area once on both sides
    Make mouth-watering pizzas every time – It’s a great addition to your pizza making supplies.

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