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SPACE SCOUTS – Stellar Subscription Club for Kids!


You guys know how much my little guy loves Animal Trackers, so when I was contacted to review Space Scouts we were super excited. Space Scouts is designed for kids ages 6 to 9, so I knew this would be the perfect fit for my 8 yr old. Aaron is in 2nd grade and absolutely loves anything to do with space!! Let me start by telling you what Space Scouts is. Space Scouts is a monthly subscription club for kids. It’s a delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe!  Each month your child will explore a new place in space, stepping into the worlds of space exploration, space science, and astronomy.  In Space Scouts you join Roxy and Jett as they scout about the galaxy engaging your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges.  Packages arrive each month filled with fun additions to your collection — magnets, stickers, toys, and more!

When the box arrived Aaron went nuts!!! He couldn’t wait to get it all out and explore! I love that the Introductory Package includes the Space Scouts Lunchbox. The lunchbox makes it so easy to keep all of our activities, It really helps to bring it all together. Speaking of the introductory package, let me tell you what it brings.

Month 1 is the Intro/Setup Box –Your child’s adventure begins with:

(1) Introduction to the Space Scouts Program
(2) Space Scouts Lunchbox
(3) Space Scouts Solar System Poster
(4) Space Scouts Activity Sheet
(5) Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
(6) Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
(7) Space Scouts Constellation Card Start-up Kit (Ring & Cover)
(8) Introduction to Space Scouts Constellation Cards

In the box we also received the second month, here’s what we got: Each Month after the Setup Box — Your child will receive

(1) Space Scouts Exploration Plan
(2) Space Scouts Magnet (to add to the magnetic lunchbox)
(3) Space Scouts Sticker (to add to the solar system poster)
(4) Space Scouts Activity Sheet
(5) Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
(6) Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
(7) Space Scout Constellation Card (to add to the Constellation Card collection)
(8) Space Scouts Constellation Card Activity Sheet

Take a look at our unboxing video:

So what did you think? Awesome right! There are four subscription plans available:
The Monthly Plan $11.95 +3 shipping
The 3 Month Plan $36.00 +$3.00/month Shipping  
The 6 Month Plan $70.00 +$3.00/month Shipping
and The 12 Month Plan $135.00 +$3.00/month Shipping
All plans renew automatically, but you can cancel anytime. 

Right now until 5/31 you can save 20% on the initial purchase of any Space Scouts subscription plan! Just use promo code STELLAR20 at checkout HERE!

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