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WEDGiTS Imagination Set


We were recently sent a WEDGiTS Imagination Set for the boys to review! If you haven’t heard about them WEDGiTS  Building Blocks to construct more unique designs.  The 15 piece set of WEDGiTS Imagination Set includes geometric shapes or rhombus, octahedron, square, 90 degree parts and elongated arms.  This set is designed for use with the Xtras Board and Xtras Cards & STiX Kits to further creative designs. 


This is the perfect toy for all my boys, it says it’s appropriate for ages 2+. My boys who are 4, 8 and 10 absolutely loved building with them! The reason I say it’s perfect for each and every one is because each one has their own way of using them. And these building pieces adapts to each ones imagination perfectly. Matias who’s 2 loves to nest, and even wedge (hence the name) together the pieces. Aaron who’s 8 loves to stack them and see how tall he can get them without them tipping over. Diego on the other hand is more the architect type. He likes to see how he can build things that reflect on things in real life. I am definitely going to have to get more pieces so they can make bigger things! The WEDGiTS Imagination Set comes with 15 pieces and a book that shows fun things that can be built with these pieces.

wedgits-imagination-set  wedgits-imagination-set

Here’s a few pictures of the fun!

wedgits-imagination-set  wedgits-imagination-set

I think that WEDGiTS are great for encouraging open-ended creative play and developing spatial skills. They’ve also won many awards, a few of which include a Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center and a Teacher’s Choice Award from Learning Magazine! You can get your get by going to the WEDGits Website Here. And connect with WEDGiTS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Product Description

The Imagination Starter set of building block toys provide six (6) different sized blocks that are all “non-choking”.  Sometimes referred to as square donuts the Starter Imagination set has an easy play design that has nesting and stacking features for young hands.  With all parts big enough to keep out of a choke tube you are assured of comfortable play for toddlers and older siblings.
These Starter set building blocks assure that there is no wrong way to build.  The open-ended design of WEDGiTS building blocks introduce the spatial world of angles, shapes, color patterning, matching and creative play. The WEDGiTS Starter set is compatible with all standard WEDGiTS products making it a toy that will grow with your child. 
Each Imagination set comes with a product guide showing ideas of different designs for each child to build. The term “wedgits” came from the toy’s symmetrical design that allows the blocks to actually wedge together using pure friction.  (All WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible.)

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