Speedminton FUN Set Review #speedmintonusa


SPEEDMINTON FUN SET: The FUN Set for the ultimate fun experience with family and friends even at night.


I grew up playing badminton and loved it! So when I heard that I was chosen to receive a Speedminton FUN set I was super excited. I couldn’t wait to see the boys play with it and get their reactions! In case you’re wondering what Speedminton is, let me tell you a little about it. Speedminton is a new dimension in racquet sports! It combines tennis, badminton, and racquetball and is endorsed by 2006 U.S. Open Champion Maria Sharapova. It’s very easy to learn for beginners and fun for advanced players. I like that this game can be played anywhere by using the dimensions of a tennis court, best part is that you don’t need a net to play. It’s fun and portable like badminton, aerobic and competitive like racquetball, and fun for the whole family! 


What makes this game special is that it comes with these glow in the dark sticks. Which makes it a BLAST to play at night. These glow in the dark sticks are bright and the colors are great! It makes the HELI speeder (birdie) super easy to see! 


I loved that the racquets are a nice strong quality, yet they’re lightweight. Even Matias who’s 4 had no problem playing. This is definitely a game that the entire family has been enjoying and will continue to enjoy! 

You can purchase a Speedminton FUN Set by clicking HERE. The price is $29.99 at the time this post was written. 

To find out more about this company you can visit them on their website HERE. And you can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Product Description

With the Speedminton FUN Set, you can have ultimate fun with friends and family! The new FUN Set is a great beach and backyard game and is the easiest to play racket game on the market.  Play wherever you want with the patented, wind and water resistant HELI Speeder.  At the beach, the park or your backyard- a fun time is waiting!


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