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Houdini Brainteaser Game by Thinkfun!



We are HUGE fans of Thinkfun games and have been lucky enough to review many of them. You can check out those reviews Here. So of course we were super excited to receive Thinkfun’s Houdini Brainteaser Game. This game brings 40 challenge cards with challenges ranging from beginner to expert. It is a fun and entertaining game. We have all played and enjoy seeing who can make it further along in the challenges without getting stumped! If you were to get stuck on a certain challenge Thinkfun has video solutions to help you. We haven’t had to use it yet, but it’s great to know that it’s available in case we can’t help Houdini escape.

houdini-thinkfunThis game comes with a Houdini (with removable legs), a ring, a barrell, 2 ropes, a lock, a trap cage and a travel bag! This game offers players hours of fun either alone or as a group. This makes a great Family Game Night game!

Want to see me solve the first two puzzles? Check out my video review Here.

You can get your own Houdini on the Thinkfun website and on Amazon.

Product Description

Houdini  (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $19.99)
Who isn’t intrigued by the sensational escape acts of Harry Houdini? In these 40 disentanglement puzzles featuring the great illusionist in miniature, you’ll use ropes, rings and a lock to secure him and work your magic to set him free – without undoing the clasps! Sound easy? Well, let’s just say we won’t ask you to tie yourself up quite yet!


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