Cordskinz Review


Now I can live the Untangled Life thanks to Cordskinz!


Recently Cordskinz contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out their product. I honestly can’t stand reaching for my earbuds and having to spend a few minutes each time untangling them. So I was excited to give Cordskinz a try.

Cordskinz are a “skin” that you add to your earbuds by a quick process (thanks to their Skinner). I received two pairs of Cordskinz, one in Lavender and one in Ice Blue. They have 11 colors from on their website, so it’s easy to customize your headphones with all their different styles. When you order Cordskinz, you receive two twenty inch covers and a Skinner tool.


Cordskinz advertises that they are:
Cord protector
Simple to use
Fashion accessory

They are really easy to install:


1) Place your earbuds cord in the groove on the Skinner.

2) Place the Cordskinz and pull, thanks to the Skinner the cord easily fits inside the Cordskinz.

3) Trim the Cordskinz to custom fit it to your earbuds.

4) And you’re all set.

After testing Cordskinz out for about a week and throwing them in my bag while I drive or runs errands. I found them to be perfect, they never got tangled. The “skin” allows the earbuds to be flexible, yet kept them from becoming knotted. I really like that they are lightweight which helps when I wear them during my workouts. If you’d like to see how to install them you can take a look at my review on YouTube Here

Want to purchase a set or two of Cordskins? Head on over to the Cordskinz Website and pick out your favorite color. You can get social with Cordskinz on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

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