Skorch Dry Bag Review #SkorchBlueDryBag


Skorch 10L Blue Dry Bag


This bag is a great size! It’s great to place wet items inside so that all your other items won’t get wet. Another thing I like is that you can also place Items that you don’t want getting wet inside and protect them. This bag also brings a strap that you can attach or detach.

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Product Description

Almost everyone takes part is some kind of water based activity these days. One of the biggest challenges we all face in these situations is how to keep some things dry! Hence the huge growth in demand for waterproof dry bags that can cater for a wide range of situations. When you buy a dry bag you will want one that is guaranteed to keep your clothes, camera, cell phone, money and other valuables dry. When we designed the 10L SKORCH dry bag we selected the most appropriate size for the widest range of demands. We also selected the material which offered the best combination of water proofing, light weight, and great looks. As well as looking fantastic now the SKORCH bag is easy to wipe clean and will continue to look great for years to come. We are happy to offer it at a special price because we know that when you receive yours, you’ll want to order one for all your friends and family too.

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