Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub Review #ZimsVaporRub


Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub


As a mom of 3 boys I have become somewhat of an expert in finding first aid meds for minor illnesses at home. For ordinary illnesses like a stuffy nose due to a simple cold, I always rely on the relief of vapor rub. Up until recently I never knew that there was a vapor rub that has a petroleum-free formula. I was sent a tub of Zim’s Advanced Vapor rub to test. I have used this cold vaporizing ointment to help my boys and I get some relief from clogged noses due to colds. I also use it for achy muscles and joints. 

The Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub comes in two forms: An easy-on applicator tube. 


And a traditional jar.


You can purchase Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub on the Zim’s Website.

Product Description

Zim’s Advanced Vapor Rub is 100% natural and contains natural menthol, arnica extract, aloe vera, camphor, coconut oil, white beeswax, and eucalyptus globulus. The formula is great for those seeking natural alternatives and parents not wanting to use harsh chemical products on children.

Vapor Rub is available in your choice of traditional jar or the new, contemporary 4-ounce tube with a no-mess, easy-on applicator. The tube allows you to keep your hands clean when applying the vapor rub with its cool and clean application.


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