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The Man Sham Chamois: The Ultimate Towel for Fast Drying of Your Car or Truck


This is a great Chamois! We have owned several chamois in all sorts of materials and I can honestly say that this one is the best one I have owned! It works great and left our cars perfectly dry, streak free and shiny. I had just rung it out from drying the cars when one of my boys dropped a water gallon and it broke all over the kitchen floor. I used this chamois to clean up the mess, it helped me by soaking up the water fast and left my floor dry! I absolutely love it!

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Product Description

Your search for the ultimate chamois is over. The Man Sham chamois cloth and car drying towel is where it is at. You put in a hard day on the job. The people were tough and the work was tougher. But you prevailed, you always do. You go home to unwind and you decide to relax by doing a wash and wax on your ride. You get out the pails, sponges, chamois, soap and wax. You unwind the hose, which is in a knot from when the kids were playing in the sprinkler. You wash your car and reach for the chamois. It’s old and it’s hard. You soak it, wring it out and start drying. The old chamois pushes the water around like a squeegee. You give up and go for a towel. By the time you have the hood done the towel is saturated. The water is starting to dry on your car, leaving spots behind. Then it hits you, the Man Sham chamois your niece gave you for your birthday. You grab it and pull it out of its eye catching packaging. The container is reusable so you’ll be able to store the chamois in it and keep it soft. The Man Sham drying towel feels soft to the touch ensuring your paint job will remain unscratched as you dry your car. You notice the slightly unique texture of the material which the chamois is made from. It is made from PVA which contains the secret of the Man Shams incredible ability to suck water off a surface like a wet vac. This power is from it’s uniform, sponge-like pore structure that enhances capillary action and gives the Man Sham its amazing drying ability. The Man Sham is lint free eliminating the frustrations of little specks all over your paint. There is no need to stretch it like a lambskin chamois ensuring it is ready to work when you are. It is designed with the ability to be easily wrung out eliminating the need to use an abundance of towels. Purchase the Man Sham today ensuring you easily get that head turning, paint sparkling shine. In fact, get two. One for you and one for a friend.

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