Insulated Tote Bag Review #insulated

Insulated Cooler Tote Bag by DHD Culinary


I just received this bag and it’s a great size! It’s the perfect tote bag to hold food for picnics or road trips. I love the green color. It is very well made and sturdy. I also love the outer pocket, it’s super convenient. I can fit quite a lot into this bag. I took it grocery shopping with me and contents of two of the plastic bags fit in it nicely with a bit of room still left. I also packed a picnic lunch for our family of 6 and we had everything even dessert in the bag! What I really liked was that the salad stayed crisp, and the drinks stayed cool. The insulation also seems to work well; it kept our food fresh for at least 4 hours. Everything is very well sewn together and it looks like a bag that will last through several shopping trips.

You can buy this great insulated tote bag on Amazon.

Product Description

Insulated, reusable, non woven tote bag with 23″ reinforced handles, 9.8″ gusset, outside pocket water resistant, cold soda, beer, great for grocery shopping, picnics, the beach, boating trips.  Reuse again and again.  Maintain the cold chain.  Help save the environment by cutting down on plastic bags.

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