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CELFIE Bluetooth Wireless LONG Selfie Stick

This selfie stick from Celfie has a picture button on the handle, that functions via Bluetooth. It was really easy to pair with my cell phone. The stick itself stretches to a nice amount making it easy to take pictures with an entire group. It has a great grip and it gives me the security that I won’t drop the stick or my phone. At the end of the handle there is an ON/OFF switch to conserve battery life and a port that the provided charging cable fits into. It only took an hour to fully charge and has a 100 hour standby time! The arm is made of steel for durability and can extend to 36.5 Inches. That’s very impressive. It’s really easy to use, I can’t wait to take on our family vacation! Now i can finally be in all the pictures instead of behind the camera. 🙂

Product Description

The Celfie Stick is what you need to up your selfie game to the next level.

Don’t be fooled by other selfie sticks on the market, this one has high end features the others don’t.
→  Super long extendable length for far-away selfie, yet condenses in size into the handle.
→  Very strong mount you can trust with your phone!
→  Most importantly, the shutter button is IN the handle! No more cheap-o separate remotes.
→  The Celfie Stick easily pairs by bluetooth to your phone, and comes with a cable for recharging!

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  1. Sarah (MaeGal.com)

    Thanks for the review!
    I’ve been curious about trying a Celfie Stick…now I’m even more intrigued. Haha.


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