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How I like the Beautonics Derma Roller.

This derma roller is great! It’s well designed, with a nice handle, impeccable quality and the wheel spins flawlessly. Since using it, I’ve noticed my skin seems firmer. I use this on my face 2 times a week to even out my skin tone. It also helps my skin absorb various serums making them more effective. The needles of derma rollers come in different lengths, this one is 1.0 mm which is good for those new to derma rolling (less painful). Disinfecting it is easy, which is an absolutely necessary step. It glides smoothly during use. Great product and great price!

Product Description

Your Search For The Fountain Of Youth Is Over! Get Flawless Skin In As Little As 10 Sessions The Safe And Natural Way!
No More Embarrassing Skin Problems. Proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Who Says Your Looks Have To Show Your Age? Be ready for a picture-perfect close-up even without make up!
The #1 Choice for Skin Treatment & Skin Repair
Using titanium needles to safely and effectively penetrate the skin for maximum results!
– Scar removal including acne scars 
– Stretch Mark removal 
– Wrinkle removal/reduction 
– Cellulite reduction 
– Large Pore reduction 
– Hair Loss restoration 
– Hyper-Pigmentation treatment
Get Flawless Skin In As Little As 10 Sessions The Safe And Natural Way! Women and men from all over the world are using Micro Needle Therapy or what is now being called a Derma Roller, with miraculous results. Dramatic benefits after first few uses however, extended efforts will produce even better results!
Your Derma Roller is made with High Grade Titanium needles in a 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 192 needle count for precision and accuracy.
– Easy to use 
– Stimulates Collagen production 
– No bruising, infection, discoloration, healing time or other complications 
– All skin types can be treated 
– Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from skin care product
This product is made by Beautonics, where we value customer results and satisfaction first. All our products are USA tested and backed by our money back guarantee, so buy now and achieve beauty perfection!

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