Bloody Mary Mix by Salsa Crazy




This Bloody Mary Mix is perfect for Micheladas!

I have never tried a Bloody Mary but during my years in TX I was introduced to Micheladas. What is a michelada? It’s a Mexican cocktail that became popular in Mexico in the 40’s when people started mixing beer with hot sauce or salsa. It’s now starting to catch on in other parts of the world and tends to be compared to a Bloody Mary. 

Salsa Crazy’s Bloody Mary Mix makes it so much easier to prepare a Michelada and is perfect for it! For the recipe Click Here. Making Micheladas with some of this delicious mix definitely takes it to the top! It is super spicy so I can only use a little, but my hunny who loves everything spicy thought this was amazing! We’re really happy with this product.

Product Description

Yes, from the people who brought you all those Dance DVDs, comes … the DRINK MIX! We’ve got our first BLOODY MARY MIX for sale and this is the HOT ONE (Habanero). It’s great, and we can’t wait to send you a review bottle.

Do you like bloody mary’s?  Do you like a little heat? This MIX is for you!
The ultimate party starter!

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