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Week 1 on Nutrisystem Fast 5: Results!

I can’t believe it’s been 1 week since I started my Nutrisystem journey. This was my Fast 5 week, it was a week full of emotions, I was happy, excited, hungry, and nervous. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Nutrisystem’s Fast5, it’s basically a week of preparation. The Fast 5 is a 7-day program during the first week of the Nutrisystem program. This first week is structured and basic.  The idea behind Fast 5 is fro your body to shed excess water weight and to get you focused and motivated on following a plan, kicking off your weight loss and motivating results.

This is the Fast 5 box and what’s inside, the only thing you add is water and produce.


During the week of Fast 5 you stick to a very structured diet containing: 3 Nutrisystem meals a day, unlimited non-starchy veggies (but at least 4 servings), 1 Energi-Zing shake, 1 Craving Crusher shake and lots of water. The recommended minimum is 64 oz of water per day. I honestly didn’t have a hard time with the water since I drink a lot as it is. I have a water bottle that is 25 oz, this way I know that if I fill it 3 times I am over the recommended daily amount. Let’s take a look at Day 1 in meals so you can get an idea of what the menu is like…

Monday: Day 1

day 1 CollageIf you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you saw the rest of the meals for the week. If you don’t already be sure to follow me so you can see what the upcoming meals will be on this journey.

So how was my week….trully…I am not going to lie. I was hungry The first couple of days. It didn’t seem to matter how many veggies I ate, or how much water I drank, I was hungry the first couple of days. I woke up hungry and went to bed hungry. But I was so determined to see this through, to prove to myself and others that I could do it!! I have to say that on the 3rd day it was so much easier! It was like I woke up and my body and mind knew what was going to happen. I felt satisfied and was able to go about my day perfectly well.

Let’s talk about the actual Nutrisystem meals! The Fast 5 program comes with all shelf-stable meals. None of the freezer meals are part of Fast 5. The food was better tasting than I imagined and some were so delicious that they are now favorites and I can’t wait to eat them again. I was so happy to see that this program brings a daily tracker. It made following the program a lot easier. I must admit though, my favorite thing is the app! I downloaded the Nutrisystem app on my Android phone and it’s a great app. I can keep track of my weight, water intake, measurements, food, exercise and it even has a journal!

Ok so let’s take a look at the results in numbers.

Starting Numbers:

Weight: 232.8 lbs.

Bust: 43 1/2 inches

Waist: 48 inches

Hips: 53 1/2 inches

Thighs: 27 1/2 inches

Week 1 Results:

Weight: 225.4 lbs. (down 7.4 lbs)

Bust: 43 1/2 inches

Waist: 46 inches (down 2 inches)

Hips: 52 inches (down 1 1/2 inches)

Thighs: 26 1/2 inches (down 1 inch)

I am extremely proud that I stuck to the Fast 5 program 100%. Not a single cheat, not a single deviation. And thanks to that hard work and will power my results are a huge accomplishment! I know that much of the weight loss is water weight, and that it’s because I was on a strict very low calorie diet. But come on if this isn’t a motivational kick in the butt to keep it going, I don’t know what is!

Stay tuned for next week’s update. Subscribe so you don’t miss a single post along my journey. I’ll be eating much more now and I will get to try lots of new meals…including DESSERTS! YAY! DESSERTS!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. schadbou

    I am on day five of the fast 5. Looking for encouragement, because I am hungry. 🙂 I weighed myself this morning trying to muster some motivation and I am down 8 lbs (203 lbs down to 195 lbs). That will get me through the next few days. I am hoping the second week will be easier as a routine builds.

  2. Karen Southard

    just started my journey. Day 2 of the fast 5..glad you had said you were hungry I thought I was doing something wrong. My husband and son are doing it with me which is a huge help. I can’t wait to see my results.

  3. Kiki

    That’s great!! Love seeing those results. I just finished my Fast Five as well and was super happy with the results, even with a spontaneous dinner out with my hubby that was a total cheat meal. 🙂

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thanks Kiki! I’m happy to hear you were happy with your results as well. That’s what I love about Nutrisystem, You can still go out & have fun. I have my Dining Out Guide in my purse. I haven’t needed it yet, but just in case for those spontaneous dinners. 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Im on my 3rd week with Nutrisystem. Im loving it. I find it fun and interesting to try each meal. Come check my journey out and good luck with yours!!

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thanks Lisa, I will also had on over to your blog and follow your journey. Good luck as well. 🙂


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