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Mottos GG

Mottos Flip Flops for kids!

I was recently sent a set of Mottos Flip Flops and I gotta say these are not your typical flip flops. They come in a cute case where you can store your flip flops and the cute little charms you can get for them. I love how you can keep everything in one place so you don’t lose anything.


Also in this adorable case comes 2 Mottos shoe charms and a cute nylon backpack. I really liked that the flip flops offer arch support. My son absolutely loved them, actually all 3 of them did so I am going to have to order 2 more pairs for the older boys.

Product Description

All new unique flip flops allow your kids to express themselves in creative and positive ways!

• Mottos – Where life is all about Expression!
• Correct sizing every time. And our strong, flexible strap makes for a perfect fit whether you have narrow or wide feet.
• Kid friendly – Made especially for active kids with the highest quality materials so they are durable and won’t break; and they don’t show dirt!
• Always a comfy fit between the toes with an arch support not seen in most kid’s flip flops. And your little kids can be like the “big kids” with no need for the back strap.

Exclusive benefits:
• Your kids will want to collect all of our one-of-a-kind trademarked and patent pending snap-in, snap-out Mottos™ charms.
• Easy for kids to remove and exchange but they stay securely in the slipper.
• Collect your interchangeable and expressive Mottos™ charms to express the unique you!
• Your kids can trade their Mottos™ as they interact with their friends and caregivers about the characters and their own emotions.
• Our focus is to encourage kids to express themselves in positive ways through the use of our own custom designed “emoticon” characters.
• Kids use the Mottos™ charms to decorate their flip flops based on their moods and feelings each day.
• Each character is special in their own way and each encourages kids to embrace their own uniqueness.
• It’s like having a new pair of slippers every day!

GUARANTEED – The only popular kid’s flip flops that are backed by a full 90-day, no hassle, free replacement guarantee. At Mottos we are committed to kids! And our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy.



The charms that are available are very cute and I love how they encourage the kids to be creative and express the way they are. They have 3 different sets of 4 charms each set. They are the cutest sea creatures!


Collect All 3 Custom Packs

Our collections are color coded to help you identify your favorites. Here are the character’s featured expressions:


Ziggy (Starfish) MAD; Felix (Octopus) SILLY; Mya(Pink Fish) EXPRESSIVE; Koi(Blue Fish) COMPETITIVE


Boo (Shark) SCARED; JoJo(Dolphin) EXCITED; Max(Crab) CONFUSED; KellyJelly(Jellyfish) SHY


Louie(Lobster) SICK; Will(Turtle) ADVENTUROUS; Erkle(Seahorse) INQUISITIVE; Angelo(Whale) CREATIVE

All Mottos products are backed by our 100% no hassle, money back guarantee.

Product Description

Mottos™ Custom Expressive Shoe Charms

Select different ones to wear each day depending on how you’re feeling. Mottos exclusive design is super comfortable! Our charms don’t rub against kid’s feet causing irritation like other charm brands. They are so much better for sensitive kids.

Our patent-pending technology allows kids to easily snap their charms on and off their flip flops with ease. Your Mottos™ charms can be stored and displayed inside the special collector’s carrying case that comes with Mottos flip flops (sold separately). Mottos™ shoe charms are made exclusively for use with Mottos brand flip flops.

– Collect all our expressive characters to display your mood right on your flip flops!
– So much fun to trade, collect and wear!
– Snap-’em in, snap-’em out, it’s what Mottos are all about!

Both these products will make a wonderful holiday gift!

The Mottos Flip Flops and the Mottos Shoe Charms are available on Amazon.

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  1. Lily

    What a great gift idea. I have been looking for one last gift for my kids for Christmas. These shoes will be absolutely perfect! I can see the kids trading the adorable charms with each other and swapping them out on the flip flops. We live in warm weather for most of the year, so these will get a ton of use. Thanks so much for sharing!


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