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As holiday season quickly approaches, The Adventure Project, a nonprofit organization creating entrepreneurial jobs in developing countries, is providing a gift option that works for everyone on your list — naughty and nice alike! — and gives a gift to a family in Kenya. “Coal for Christmas” is a soap stocking stuffer, and each $35 purchase supports local entrepreneurs in Kenya in the construction and distribution of life-saving charcoal-efficient stoves. The “lump of coal” is actually a black, unscented soap, delivered in a beautiful gold-foil-stamped box with a booklet about the specific impact of the gift and the opportunity to include a personalized message on the gift note. The Adventure Project’s goal is to sell 2,500 boxes, which would improve the lives of 10,000 people in Kenya.



“These charcoal-efficient stoves are compact and yet have enormous impact on entire communities by creating jobs for artisans and sales people, reducing the amount of toxic smoke women and children inhale while preparing food, and cutting emissions into the atmosphere,” said Becky Straw, Co-Founder and CEO of The Adventure Project. “We are incredibly proud to offer a holiday gift with such meaning and impact.”

Why Stoves?
·      Almost half the world’s population still cooks food, boils water, and warms their homes by burning wood, animal and agricultural waste, and coal in open fires or rudimentary cookstoves. The smoke from these cookstoves kills 1 person every 8 seconds.
·      Everyday, 3 billion people in developing countries are exposed to toxic smoke – one of the world’s biggest killers – when preparing meals over open fires.
·      Cooking over open fires is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.
·      Traditional stoves and open fires used for cooking emit more black carbon into the environment than all the cars and trucks in the world.
·      The average woman in Kenya walks ten miles a day collecting wood, totaling 30 hours per week.
Charcoal-efficient stoves drastically reduce toxic smoke from cooking fires. 
“An estimated 15,676 children in Kenya die each year from household air pollution. That is why our long-term goal is to get a charcoal-efficient stove into the hands of every mother – and this is a crucial first step,” Straw added.
Through this program, stoves are being produced in factories in Kenya and local men and women are being hired to sell them in the local market at a subsidized rate villagers can afford.

Product Description:

  • Lump of coal (it’s soap!)
  • Booklet about your impact
  • Include a personalized message
  • Gold foil stamped box
  • Shipping starts Dec 1st

For more on the Coal for Christmas campaign, visit

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