We’re Going to Story Land: Our Upcoming Trip & Promo Code

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We’re Going to Story Land: Our Upcoming Trip & Promo Code


(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

The Ajsoc-Armas family will be crossing the border into New Hampshire next month. We love to go to NH to shop, but it’s been a very long time since the last time I went to Story Land. 20 years to be exact, yes it has been that long. My sister was only two years old and I was 16. Needless to say I’m very excited! Don’t get me wrong, our three boys are excited too, but for the reason I’ve mentioned I have very happy memories of Story Land and can’t wait to make new ones. Especially since we are planning to spend the weekend in NH! 



(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

With Story Land being just a short ride from the quaint town of North Conway, Story Land is an amusement park that’s geared toward families with young children. It’s a happy, magical place that my kids are look forward to visit.From the Story Land website I can see that the park is easy to navigate, has classic storybook-themed rides and attractions that my boys are sure to love


(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

With all the wonderful attractions that Story Land has to offer it’s no wonder we can’t wait to go. I have to admit there is a ride that I just can’t wait to see and experience. It’s the 

Roar-o-Saurus! New for the 2014 Season, this new coaster is designed and built for Story Land’s unique natural setting. Another thing that has me excited about it is that it will be the only wooden roller coaster of its kind in northern New England! The “Roar-O-Saurus” is the major component of Story Land’s new Dinosaur themed section of the park! I can’t wait to see the look on my three year old’s face when he sees this section of the park. He is completely obsessed with dinosaurs!


(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

As a special treat to Story Land has created a unique Promo Code for you!

By entering the Promo Code slblog14  You will get $3.00 off of the $30.99 General Admission price via Story Land’s online site.

You can utilize this special Promo Code by going to Story Land’s website and in the top right corner is where you can input the code.

See image below.

promo code place

(Photo Courtesy of Story Land)

You can connect with Story Land on: website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

 I hope you will join me in visiting Story Land for their 2014 Season which is sure to be a BLAST!

Feel free to share the Promo Code with your friends and loved ones, why not make it a family reunion trip! 

Who will you be going with?



  1. Robin @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations

    This reminds me of “Story Town” once situated in the Adirondacks and now known in place as the Six Flags “Great Escape” adventure theme park. Humpty Dumpty and Cinderella still exist in the park, as old as they are, and still bring in the old and young at heart. I’m happy to see this Story Land, much like ours here in Lake George, NY.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thank you for stopping by Robin. 🙂


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