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I am privileged enough to be able to say that I had a great childhood.  I can’t say it was totally easy and that it didn’t have it’s hard times. But I can say that thanks to my wonderful COUSINS my childhood was amazing!

I have so many wonderful memories here are a few of them. 

1) I remember that after elementary school I would go to my Aunt Mechitas and Uncle Modesto’s house. Who happened to live conveniently across the street from my elementary school. Many times my cousins Scott and Marianna, who are Aunt Mechitas & Uncle Modesto’s grandkids would be there. We would have races across the living room in  my aunts and uncle’s rocking chairs.

2) I remember playing drive thru with my cousins Pablo and Gabriela. We would take turns getting in my Uncle Estuardo’s truck and whoever was outside would “drive up” in the tricycle.

3) I remember when I lived with my Aunt Mirna & my cousin Celia in Virginia. I finally felt like I had the sister I always wanted. (I was small and my sis Debra wasn’t born yet)  To this day Celia is still a sister to me. We share so many memories that will always remain in my heart.

4) I remember my childhood visits to Guatemala. Where I would see and spend time with my cousins Rodrigo and Javier. It is very different there, a sense of freedom and carelessness. I will always remember all the fun we would have.

5) It was always such a special treat for me when my cousins Amelie and Wesley would visit Massachusetts from France. I remember the wonderful times of playing in their  grandparents back yard.

6) Also in Guatemala I would get to see all the cousins from my dad’s side of the family who all lived there. I always had so much fun!

There are way too many wonderful memories to keep going, and I’m sure I haven’t mentioned so many of my wonderful cousins. However they all know how very dear, and special they are to me and my family! The best thing and the one that I am most grateful to God for is that:  I am very fortunate that even though we do not live close to one another, we remain very close.

Are you close to your cousins?



  1. Laura Zam

    Lovely thoughts. People don’t write enough about cousins!

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thanks Laura, I agree not enough is said about them. 🙂


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