Juan Pablo Has Done It AGAIN! His Cold “Bachelor” Move






Ay Amores, Juan Pablo has done it AGAIN!


On last weeks episode of The Bachelor Juan Pablo a very steamy night with Clare. Regardless of what happened in the warm ocean that night, Juan Pablo felt it was wrong. Well truthfully so did I. It didn’t make it any better that he then told her he felt it was wrong, and hurt Clare’s feelings. But what bothered me the most is that, he then gave her more one-on-one time. UGH! Any way let’s jump to last night…


The remaining eight girls arrived in the windy New Zealand, where Andi received the first one-on-one date. Andi and Juan Pablo’s date started with a ride in a speedboat through Tutukau Gorge , stopping in a cove called “The Squeeze”. The two then stripped down to their bathing suits and jumped in. The cove’s name definitely does it justice because they had to squeeze through tiny crevices to get to a waterfall. I do have to admit, the waterfall was gorgeous! I swear Juan Pablo must have a thing for water, because the two spent the rest of their date locking lips under the waterfall before going to dinner. Dinner included more…yup water, as they sat in front of an erupting geyser. It was very romantic, though my favorite part had to be when all the “sexual chemistry” was interrupted the a very well-timed explosion of the geyser.  The one-on-one date ends with a very wet Andi and Juan Pablo , and a rose that Andi gracefully accepts.


On the group date Juan Pablo tricks the girls as he makes them think they are going on a picnic, but in fact the group experiences the Ogo. The Orgo is a giant sphere you sit inside as it rolls down a steep hill. Needless to say, Juan Pablo had a ball rolling around with a bunch of lovely ladies who traded in their winter clothes for bikinis.


The day of the group date is also Cassandra’s birthday. She wants the rose as a birthday present, but instead get’s a ticket back home. “At this point, my connection with some of the other girls is stronger,” Juan Pablo said. “I didn’t see a future with Cassandra.” And poor Cassandra gets sent home in the rain. In my opinion she’s too much of a woman for him anyway. Sharleen is the one that gets the group date rose.


At the Rose Ceremony Kat ends up without a rose and gets sent home. When she said her goodbye’s though Sharleen had such an emotional reaction to Kat’s departure that had her second-guessing herself. “I’m pretty confused right now,” Sharleen said. “Instead of feeling more certain, I’m feeling more doubtful each week. … I’m going to give it another week. If I absolutely cannot see myself with Juan Pablo, I think it’s best that I leave.” I honestly think it’s best that she leaves too. I just don’t see Juan Pablo as a good fit for her. She is a beautiful, strong, and caring woman, I just don’t think that Juan Pablo deserves her.


Here are the girls that will be going to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami for next weeks episode. Andi, Chelsie, Clare, Nikki, Renee, and Sharleen.


As the episodes go by and I get to see more of Juan Pablo I can’t help but think that he is corny, manipulative, creepy, rude, boring, and a special kind of mean disguised as a nice guy. I just don’t see him as a viable life partner. I know that The Bachelor is—predictable, sexy television, with a hint of good-clean fun. But Juan Pablo’s unconscionable behavior, the slut-shaming, and the constant excuses and deflection of any blame. Has in my opinion taken the show to a new low. Yet I continue to tune in every week, not so much for Juan Pablo, but to see who the “Lucky” girl to end up with him will be. Although I won’t be surprised if he ends up saying he just didn’t feel any of them are “wife material” as he has said.


What are your opinions on what happened yesterday? What do you think will happen in Miami?

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