ItWorks Wrap and Fat Fighter Bottle Giveaway – Ends 2/21/14

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Hosted by Crazy Stepford Wives and That Crazy Wrap Lady

Let me introduce you to Candace! She has lost more than 110lbs since embarking on her It Works Journey, she has gone from not being able to run after her daughter to being able to move around and have fun with her little girl. Now she will be the first to tell you she is still in the middle of her journey, but 110lbs is really impressive. Karen from Crazy Stepford Wives has seen first hand the changes and you can read more about these products here on her post.


This picture does not do her justice!

To celebrate and yes she is celebrating, Candace is giving away a bottle of Fat Fighter and a wrap, both these items have helped her lose 110lb and have the energy to work out even though for the longest time there was no diet changes or exercise changes.

We are timing it with some promotions from ItWorks so you can get more items free if you want to participate in these activities, you can host a party on facebook and earn free items or make a purchase and share with your social media earning points to anything in the catalog when others click your link.

It is so encouraging to see a product that actually works the way it says it will. I’ve heard such great things about ItWorks from several people.  After reading Candace’s story, I want to try this great product.

Good luck!

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  1. Julie Lee

    I want to kickstart my weight loss!

  2. Madonna

    I need to lose weight but feel so hopeless. I need something to give me a boost until I find my motivation

  3. MD

    This would be a great start in accomplishing some big goals for the year.


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