Selfish Mommy…


Kids now a days really know how to get on our last nerve. How is it that they know exactly what to say to make us feel guilty (or more guilty than usual). What really gets me is when they say “you don’t spend enough time with me”. Especially when I’ve been catering to them all day, how selfish of me to want to rest a little.  I think the main reason it gets to me though is because it’s true, I don’t spend all the time I wish I could with them (and already feel guilty about it), but it especially gets to me because their need for me to spend time with them usually comes AFTER they’re bored of playing on the computer or with their toys. I feel that’s hen I become their P.E.D. Personal Entertainment Device. LOL

Of course family time is important to me, that’s why I make sure that we all sit down to a nice hearty dinner daily. But from 8 PM until the time I go to bed, It’s me time…me me me and no one else’s.

Even though it’s true that with the crazy life everyone leads, I would love for all of us to spend more time together. The reality of it is that in our daily living we have to measure our family time in quality and not quantity.  I still want to be able to have time to myself and be able to fill that time with things that interest me.

There are many times when I bump into other moms who seem like they live their lives through their kids. They don’t have any goals or accomplishments of their own. When they hold a conversation it’s my kids this, and my kids that. Don’t get me wrong as parents it’s our given right to brag about our kids, but we should also be able to talk about other things. We should have our own goals, accomplishments and identity. And if people think I’m selfish because I think this way…well then in that case I guess I AM a selfish mommy. 

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