It is so sad what some people have to do now a days.

I was running low on pull ups for the little one so I decided to go get some at BJ’s Wholesale Club.  Since I was going out I decided to also take a few bags of clothes that I had offered a friend of mine to her.

I pulled up to her house and took out two of the bags out of the trunk of my mini van.  She’s injured so I brought them inside to her living room.  I must have been there 3 maybe 4 minutes at the most.  When I went to my van to get the other two bags, someone had stolen the box of pull ups of of my van! 

I wouldn’t have minded if someone who needed then that bad asked me for some.  I would have given them some as of course it’s for a child.  But to just steal them, come on!

I brought the other two bags inside to my friend, said goodbye and left.  I didn’t mention anything to her, because I didn’t want her getting upset.  So I drove around the corner parked and cried.

I cried for so many reasons…  For the anger I was feeling. For the helplessness I felt of not being able to do anything.  For the anxiety I felt, because I knew that Jose would be upset that I was so careless.  I cried because I knew that I couldn’t go back to the store and buy more as I didn’t have enough money.  I cried because I was grateful that they took the pull ups and not my van or physically hurt me.  But mostly I cried for the child or children in that person’s care.  The example they are being taught. No one should be taught or shown that stealing (even if the item is badly needed) is Ok.

At that moment I dried my tears and said a prayer, a prayer for the child or children who needed those pull ups.  A prayer for the person that stole them, and a prayer of thanks that no harm had come to me.  And I drove home…


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